Vacuum processing

Argon / Nitrogen atmosphere

Vacuum processing

Quench: Up to 10bar

Atmosphere: Argon or Nitrogen

Capacity MM: 1200L x 600W x 500H

Capacity KG: 600 approx.

Max Temperature: 1250°C

Full Traceability: Yes. e-docs available

Vacuum Processing

Highly accurate and repeatable method of processing.   Suitable for most materials and applications from small intricate components to large die moulds.   Highly suitable for Additive manufactured parts.   This is a very clean process that completely minimises any distortion.

Vacuum atmosphere

Utilising Nitrogen or Argon as the process gas with the option of high pressure N2 quench (up to 10bar) our Vacuum furnaces also offer High Vacuum levels.


Furnace and process data is accurately logged, saved, backed up and is available when needed. As with some industry sectors, this can be decades later.   Process conformity certificates and furnace charts are available as e-docs.